Set Up a Credit Mojo Account for $1

During your initial consultation with us, one of our credit experts will review your credit report, line by line, with you over the phone. We will be looking for mistakes that will allow us to get items removed, as well as anything that stands out that may qualify you for a lawsuit. Once we review your report, we can give you an idea of what to expect with repair, and advice on how to increase your score quickly. 

In order for us to do this, we will need you to setup an account with CreditMojo and order your first full detailed credit report for $1 and provide us with your login information to an email you will receive shortly.  

Frequently Asked Questions

CreditMojo vs Other Monitoring Accounts

We created CreditMojo to save our clients money every month, and provide our team with easy access to the information we will need for a successful repair. Most websites charge $39.99 or more a month for full detailed credit reporting, we provide CreditMojo to our clients at cost, $25 a month. 

What if there aren't any mistakes on my report?

Credit reporting is sloppy and full of mistakes. We have NEVER seen a credit report without mistakes, so this is highly unlikely. Most people just aren't trained on what mistakes to look for. Which is why we will go through your report line by line to show you what we can use for an early removal. 

How will I provide you my login?

You will receive an email shortly asking for you to provide your username and password. Once you are a client, if you change your login you can update us through your portal. 

What if I don't sign up?

If you decide you don't want to continue with us, we will close out the account and you'll receive no further charges.

How Much Does it Cost?

The initial report for the consultation will cost just $1 for a 7 day trial. If you continue as a client with us, you will be charged just $25 a month during the repair. 

How Long Will The Repair Take?

On average our clients are done within 6 months.