Fortress Credit Pro is Legit .. They have managed my credit now consecutively for 8 years, never charged me for anything until they achieved results. They do all the work upfront before any billing, I loved this aspect of their customer agreement. There was a small on-boarding fee, yet literally nothing in the light of how detailed they are in their initial approach. The ironic part relationship is the value exchange, I would easily have invested far more than they invoiced me for, they treat all customers equal. By equal I clearly mean VIP, FCP delivers, then over delivers, I can say that because they removed items technically impossible to remove from my credit, increased my score from 620 to 790 and educated me on how to get all my corporate credit off my personal and into real corporate cards without risking my personal credit any longer. Feel free to DM me or ask any questions regarding my experience with FDC .. I've referred FDC to my clients, family and friends and they have made a substancial impact each time .. FDC, Appreciate the professionalism and detailed communications .. Maybe this is why I drive Porsche, BMW M products .. Live in a million dollar home the Gulf of Mexico and have banks throwing credit cards and lines of credit at me .. FDC can’t help those who don’t apply .. I suggest you give it a shot .. MDC