I saw an ad for their services I believe on Instagram… last October of 2018, at the time my credit was shot in the low 500’s 517 to be exact. So when I read about them I was like hmmm you won’t charge me until you can prove to me you’ve deleted items off of my report? I was all for it! I had nothing to lose. I left it alone for about 2/12 months then I get an email with an invoice telling me I owe them such and such amount, nothing crazy and they claimed they had removed some items…. so I call them just to verify and they were very helpful in guiding me to my portal and credit mojo and step by step showing me the work they did and what they had removed….and I was pleased after that I was approved for a $300 credit card with capital one my credit increased to a 665 and then 2 months after that I am currently at 726. So yes I highly recommend this service and stay away from Lexington law!!!! They charge you on a monthly basis and you don’t even know what you are being charged for or the work that’s being done to your file. Being shown results first and then paying is the new wave! I’m a very happy client with this company.

Anyone interested in hearing more about my experience with them you can contact me via Instagram at Jsnakephotography just send me a DM cheers!

-Jay Gallego GOOGLE