Inquiry Removal

We look forward to working on removing your inquiries on your behalf. Before we begin, there are a few steps we need you to complete. These steps are required for the success of the program. Complete steps 1 & 2 using the instructions and links below.
Then use the form at the bottom of this page to submit everything we need to begin.

Step 1 : CreditMojo.com

Ordering a full detailed credit report through CreditMojo costs $25 a month and is required for us to dispute the inquiries. Once they are removed, you can cancel.  You will need the credit report ordered to list each inquiry and the date on the Identity Report. Then submit your login information and grant us access in the form below.

Step 2: IdentityTheft.gov

Visit IdentityTheft.gov to create your Identity Report.
Include up to 3 accounts in the main section, then add the rest in the end as shown in the step-by-step guide below. This is a government site, and it is important it's filled out correctly and declared accurate under perjury. 
DO NOT include current open credit cards. Otherwise, they will be closed.

Step 1: Access Your Credit Report

Create an account at CreditMojo.com
Once, your setup you'll be able to order a credit report.
Scroll all the way to the bottom of the report to the Inquiry Section.
Select Show All Inquiries
You'll need this information handy as you fill out the Identity Report in the next step.

Steps 2: Complete IdentityTheft Form

Click the button to open IdentityTheft.gov in a new tab. Use the arrows here for instructions on how to fill out the form.

Which statement best describes your situation?

Select: I want to report another type of identity theft.

What did the identity thief use your information for?

Select Credit card accounts.

Tell us how your information was misused,

Select: to open a fraudulent credit card account. 

Credit Card Opened by Theif

Do not fill out this page.
Press Continue.

Your Information

Complete this form and follow the steps to verify your phone number. Make sure to use the address listed on the utility or phone bill you will provide to us.

Suspect Information

Select: No, not at this time.

Credit Bureaus

Have you reviewed a copy of your credit report? Select Yes. 

Were there any fraudulent accounts included in your credit report? SKIP

Was any personal information wrong in your credit report? SKIP

Company Name: Use this to add 3 of the accounts with inquiries (the rest will be added later). Add them as listed on your credit report (usually in all caps) with the date included. Such as BANKCARD USA ACQ – 09/14/2022

Select NO for the remaining questions on this page. 


Tell us what happened in your own words.

The inquiries were unauthorized. I also want these unauthorized inquiries removed.

(Then list the remaining inquiries here as shown on your credit report. Make sure to put a comma after each one) 

Example: BANKCARD USA ACQ – 09/14/2022 , TOYOTA MOTOR CREDIT CO-08/16/2022, SW BUS ADMIN ODA-04/28/2022

Final Steps

Review Your Information and the report.
Check the box to sign your identity theft report and press submit.
Select the option to download your report.
Verify your phone number via text.
Then download your Identity Theft Report PDF.
Now you are ready to complete the form below.

Complete This Form

Use this form to provide us your CreditMojo login and grant us permission to access your account.

Submit Your Identity Report & IDs

Upload copies of the following:
Identity Theft Report 
Photo ID – License or Passport
Social Security Card
Recent Utility or Cell Phone Bill  – dated within the last 30 days.