FICO Ignores Credit Builder: 
Do This Instead

TransUnion, which is the third largest credit bureau in the world, just came out with a statement that said, “If rent was reported to the average American’s credit report, their credit score would go up by sixty points.”

The problem with Rent Reporting is FICO doesn't count it in the formula. They have ut specifically written in their code to ignore rent reporting. So if you're paying a company to report your rent, you're wasting your money.

So if FICO won't count rent reporting, what can you do? Well, I have the solution for it. I've created a Fortress Credit Builder program We report to all three credit bureaus, and we report your payment history on your credit monitoring and credit education course to all three credit bureaus.

We can actually report your past payment history, which allows us to show this brand new account on your credit with a two year record of payment history.

If you are someone who needs more positive payment history on your credit, click the link or reach out to me and we'll get you access to the Fortress Credit Builder program where we report on all three credit bureaus.

Have a great day!

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