Have Financial Questions?
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Join Rondi every week for 12 week of financial coaching as he goes over the chapter of the week. Each LIVE session will also include over an hour of LIVE Q&A where you can ask Rondi anything related to tax, credit, investment, and wealth! 

Financial Fitness Series

The Offense Defense, and Playing Field of Finance, written by Chris Brady & Orrin Woodward

9 CDS & MP3 Files

You will receive physical CDs and access to download MP3 files of chapters to be reviewed and discussed once a week. 

12 Weeks of Coaching

Join wealth strategist and credit expert, Rondi Lambeth LIVE for 12 weeks with weekly LIVE Q&A and coaching.

$497 or 3 Payments of $200


Financial Fitness 12 week coaching program with Rondi Lambeth

CDs/MP3s Included

The Offense, Defense, and Playing Field of Money

Money as a Slave
Changing the way you view money. 
The Principals of Financial Management
Delay Your Gratification
Financial Matrix Money System Revealed
Camel in The Tent
Good as Gold
The Green Box to Fredom

Why do some people have more money than others?

Join this course to learn how to get financially fit and change your money habits. How to change the way you view and use your money. Find out what type of business you should setup, and how to set it up in a way you can pay little to no income tax. Learn how to stop chasing money and chase your purpose. Learn how to get out of consumer debt, and how to use debt to build wealth. Learn how to increase and build your credit, and use it to your advantage. Learn how to invest successfully, even during hard times in the economy. Learn how to win at the game of money, and enjoy the journey along the way!