As a Real Estate Investor my credit was completely dismantled when the local bank I was leveraged with was taken down by the FDIC in the middle of the night… The bankers messed up and good honest hard working people like me paid the price. They used their right of set off to liquidate my accounts and left me with $8 in my wallet with no legal recourse and called my loans due which triggered universal default, foreclosure actions and IRS problems. Fast forward a few years and I hired Rondi's company Fortress Credit Pro to clean up the mess… My score was in the 300's at one point and with Rondi's help and coaching as of 09/12/2016 when a mortgage company pulled my credit my credit score was up to 816… My mortgage guy said that in over 30 years in the mortgage business he had never seen a score that high… Thank you Rondi and Thanks Fortress Credit Pro!