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Options for everyone regardless of credit history or goals.

We are now offering several plans to make all of our programs fast and affordable to give your referrals results as quickly as possible. 

Pay-per-Delete Credit Repair

Pay-per-delet is for clients who have a great understanding of credit already and have a thick credit file of positive history. After the initial enrollment, we will work on the agreed-upon accounts all at once, then only charge for the items we get permanently removed.
$125 per Deletion.

Fortress University Unlimited

Fortress University students have access to LIVE weekly coaching calls, unlimited credit repair, monthly credit reviews, unlimited access to financial courses covering credit, tax, wealth, and investing. All included in one tax-deductible plan. All students payment plans will report on their credit report with 2 years+ of positive payment history., quickly boosting their score.
Starting at $77/month.

Instant Credit Builder

NOW OFFERING instant credit boosts for anyone interested in education without the need for repair! Members will receive up to 2 years of postive payment history for up to a $25k line of credit.
Starting at $50/month.

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How Do We Pay?

Payments Through Paypal

Once you sign up and send us a W9, we will send out your payments once a month through Paypal.