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Our average success rate is more than double our competition. Simply because they get paid to try, we get paid to succeed.

The monthly fee competitors get paid the longer it takes them, and get paid the same regardless of their results. What incentive do they have to provide a good repair?

The longer it takes us, the more it costs us, not you.

What can be removed from a credit report?

We've Deleted Thousands of Items:

Bankruptcies, Collections, Charge-Offs, Foreclosures, Late Payments, Repossessions, Short-Sales, and More!

But what if I don’t have any mistakes?

All Credit Reports Contain Mistakes

The law says items on a credit report must be 100% accurate and verifiable, otherwise they must be removed immediately.

Lucky for us, it’s nearly impossible for them to comply, and the easiest solution is often to remove the account.

You just need to know how to find them. It’s often the seemingly small mistakes that give us the most deletions. This is why our experts go through your account line by line and create aggressive letters quoting the specific mistakes and laws the banks are violating.

What makes Fortress different?


We dispute all accounts at one time, with custom advanced disputes, and are done in 3-6 months on average.


50-70% Deletion Average.
50-150 Score Increase Average.
Completed in 3-6 on Average.


We don’t get paid to try.
We get paid to succeed.
Repair with a Money-back Guarantee.

Affordable Financing Options Available

Affordable Credit Repair

Finance your repair for as low as $35/month

You still only pay for what we delete.  Open up a line of credit with your enrollment fee, then pay off your balance over time.

 Build your credit, while we repair it.

Everyone is Approved. 12 Months Same as Cash. 

Fortress Credit Repair Credit Card Bronze
Fortress University Silver
Fortress University Gold
Fortress University Platinum Business Card


$375 enrollment fee.
Pay in full, or setup a line of credit with our partners to finance both the enrollment and repair.

$125 per item per bureau. $25 per inquiry. Names, Addresses & Updates are FREE 
Pick what you want removed, and only pay for what is permanently deleted.

We’ve partnered with Credit Mojo to provide our clients their 3B report for only $25/month
Full detailed 3 bureau credit monitoring is required during the repair.

If nothing is removed witin 6 months, Fortress will return the enrollment and provide you with $100 to apologize for failing. (Must have more than 5 items to qualify for $100)


Schedule a consultation to to review your report with a credit expert.


What Our Customers Say (Recent Google Reviews)

Rob W

I absolutely love Fortress Credit Pros. I’ve been able to learn so much about credit in such a short amount of time. I don’t think I could learn this much, this quickly anywhere else. I’ve been working with Vanessa and she has been incredibly helpful. I’ve had a million questions and they’ve all been answered to my satisfaction. Anytime I have had any type of confusion or anxiety about this new journey in finance, I’ve always gotten a quick response with detailed answers. I went into this program knowing literally nothing about credit and never having used a credit card before. Now I have all my bills set up on autopay so that I never get a late fee. If I’m out traveling, I never have to worry about missing a bill. I was able to secure $50,000 in business credit in the first 10 days that I worked with this company. I have a new truck on the road and I doubled the income of my home service business. The information you receive from fortress credit pros is absolutely life-changing. It’s something that everybody should know, but nobody is teaching.

Paul F

Serretta has helped me tremendously. When I first hired Fortress Credit Professionals, my FICO score was below 500. I’m now around 670. I’m not where I want to be yet, but we are getting there. Thank you for all your help!

Ivon F

Rondi and his company/employees are amazing, super helpful and they are already deleting negative items on my credit. This plus the knowledge rondo provides is worth more than he can ever charge. 100% recommended.

Eric H

Fortress got my credit score up from less than 500 to over 700 in just over a year. They are the most elite amazing credit repair company in the world in my opinion. You only get billed if they remove Negative items off your credit report their very personable and work with you and answer any questions you have in a quick response. Thank you guys so much

Jason R

Great job, picking up where Lexington law couldn’t go further. Fortress credit has helped my credit repair GREATLY and I’m very thankful. Remember, Fortress credit is a paid on performance credit repair service, therefore, the results tend to be very quick

Schedule a consultation to to review your report with a credit expert.